Don’t waste any more time with Software Maintenance

Maintaining a monolithic system can prevent your digital commerce teams from innovating.

Qilin.Cloud’s cloud-native SaaS platform infrastructure offers a maintenance-free alternative that makes software update projects a thing of the past.

Be innovative and leave the competition behind

In a fast-paced and rapidly changing market, those companies that are not constantly innovating will perish. But if you spend all your time and resources on eCommerce system maintenance, when will you find the time to develop and implement new ideas that will give you an edge over the competition?

With Qilin.Cloud by your side, you can focus on the innovative things that add value to your business.

“Look, I don’t need eCommerce right now, because my business is very good. But I know that in ten years if I do nothing, I will have missed a train.”

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Invest in unique functions, not in technical updates that don’t add value

The time-consuming and resource-intensive maintenance of digital infrastructure eats into your profits and inhibits innovation. You need a technical solution that is virtually maintenance-free.

Qilin.Cloud’s cloud native SaaS technology platform provides powerful and proven core commerce components that automatically take care of maintenance, so you can focus instead on developing world-class functionality and features that set you apart from the crowd.

How API-first SaaS systems free you from maintenance

Outdated (monolithic) systems are often expensive and risky to maintain due to their complex internal dependencies.

SaaS infrastructures, on the other hand, consist of individual services that are automatically updated. Implementing each function “as a service” means that maintenance is fully handled by us, relieving your team of the often tedious routine of keeping functionality up to date.

The advantages of a maintenance-free SaaS infrastructure

By using standard software and components from specialized providers, the maintenance effort is shifted from your development team to the professional providers.

You no longer have to worry about maintaining the software. Time-consuming projects to update the eCommerce software are a thing of the past.

How your development team and stakeholders benefit from a maintenance-free SaaS infrastructure

Since your development team no longer has to monitor the functional system components and keep the software stack up to date, they have more time to focus on innovation and application quality.

This is an excellent way to motivate highly skilled developers as they are able to develop components that actually add value to your business instead of spending all their time on maintenance.

Why choose an API-first SaaS platform over legacy open source software?

The use of legacy open source software sounds tempting. It gives the impression of having full control. That may be an advantage. On the other hand, full control means that you bear full responsibility for maintaining the software. It will also inevitably mean that you will no longer be able to benefit from the regular updates of a standard software provider every time you make a profound change to the source code.

A modern API-first SaaS platform separates the core functions of your standard software provider from the individual software development and integrations with third-party providers.

With as your technology platform, you get the best of both worlds:
The timely provision of regular, as well as critical updates, yet full insight into the code, which may also be critical for the compliance of your stakeholders and customers.

Which Qilin.Cloud functions contribute to this advantage?

With Qilin.Cloud, your system is always automatically up to date with the latest version. We guarantee full availability and consistency for all APIs you use for your digital business.

We provide regular and continuous software updates without interrupting our services. And the best thing is that you don’t have to do anything. Your applications continue to run, regardless of functional adjustments to our APIs.

With Qilin.Cloud, software maintenance is automatic and targeted for each individual API without affecting the entire system. You no longer have to worry about maintenance. Instead, you can focus your IT resources on innovation.