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Simplify your Technology Stack.


One-Click-Buy, fast loading times, Virtual Fitting Rooms: Understanding what customers want is one thing; successfully implementing it is another.

What do you need for that? Bingo! An E-Commerce technology platform that knows no limits when it comes to modularity and scalability. One that not only adapts to your unique processes but also comprehends and enhances them, meeting the demands of your customers.

Introducing the leading technology platform for businesses:

Focus on Customers

Imagine being everywhere your customers need you, whether at home, on the go, or in crucial moments. With Qilin.Cloud, your products are available wherever your customers are, whether they shop through smart household devices, voice commands, or automated processes. Easily integrate any interface into your Qilin.Cloud platform in no time.

Qilin.Cloud offers a multitude of modules for successful E-Commerce, including connector and plugins for product information management, search functionalities, order management systems, shopping carts, payment service providers, warehouse management systems, and complex pricing mechanisms. Qilin.Cloud handles all this and more, with complete modularity and the ability to tailor it to your specific needs.

No matter where your customers will be in the future, Qilin.Cloud ensures you are ready and already there, anticipating their needs and providing a seamless experience.

What is Qilin.Cloud

Qilin.Cloud is a transformative technology platform.

As a leading Cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution in Digital Commerce, it enables the creation of highly scalable, flexible, and modular applications. Recognized as one of the most modern and powerful E-Commerce technology platforms, Qilin.Cloud offers businesses a streamlined path to optimize their online presence and elevate their E-Commerce operations.

Distinguished by its modular architecture, Qilin.Cloud empowers businesses to develop tailored and future-proof E-Commerce solutions. Whether engaging in B2B, B2C, D2C, M2C, or platform models like marketplaces, shopsystems, ERP system and many more, Qilin.Cloud provides a plethora of features and tools enabling effective product and service marketing, streamlining the sales process, and delivering an outstanding user experience.

With a strong emphasis on digitization and innovation, Qilin.Cloud enables companies to swiftly adapt to evolving market demands. Beyond supporting the establishment and operation of online shops and marketplaces, the platform boasts advanced functionalities such as Headless Commerce, API as a Service, and a robust API for seamless integration with other systems and services.

Qilin.Cloud builds upon the MACH technology approach, expanding it even further: MACH, which stands for Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and headless, empowers users to build highly flexible and scalable applications, following the Best-of-Breed approach. Qilin.Cloud extends this approach with “OPC,” signifying open commerce, process-centric, and composable, making the technology platform not only open and customizable for users but also focusing strongly on process visualization, control, and optimization in the realm of business values.

The platform addresses various areas, offering users the flexibility and capability to execute a multitude of conceivable use cases on the technology platform, all highly scalable. Qilin.Cloud provides a comprehensive set of commerce application components and functionality, allowing seamless integration with various frontends and third-party applications through its powerful and well-documented APIs.


Agile Product Development in Action

Often misused as a buzzword, agility is a crucial aspect. However, let’s talk about the ability to promptly respond to market developments. Qilin.Cloud offers highly testable and scalable code, laying the foundation for adapting to emerging trends. This facilitates a quick project start, allowing effective collaboration to achieve optimal results and efficiently reach agreed-upon goals.

Modularity for Enhanced Flexibility

In a landscape with numerous commerce touchpoints, a modular concept on a platform like Qilin.Cloud is the ideal foundation for your digital business. Operating on the API-first principle and a Headless approach, Qilin.Cloud separates frontend, backend, and APIs. This means these components can connect independently based on specific needs. Developers can refine frontend and backend separately, enabling targeted distribution to positively influence customer experiences and adapt to changes spontaneously. Qilin.Cloud’s components can replace individual functions of existing applications without necessitating a complete overhaul, providing unparalleled flexibility. Connecting a PWA or IoT application instead of a traditional shop frontend is possible, streamlining the software architecture.

Sustainable Customization

Qilin.Cloud offers a flexible foundation to map and shape individual requirements and processes innovatively. E-Commerce projects become more manageable, drawing on a strong foundation with a comprehensive selection of modules meeting contemporary needs. Beyond adapting functionalities, you can develop and seamlessly integrate your modules. Whether using these modules exclusively or offering them to the Qilin.Cloud community for a licensing fee to refinance development and maintenance costs, the choice is yours. This approach minimizes the risk of update or maintenance issues, setting you apart from potential challenges faced by other competitors.

Exceptional Scalability

An inherent result of the preceding points, Qilin.Cloud adopts an open, modular construction. It swiftly and flexibly caters to individual requirements, making it ideal for forward-thinking companies seeking a future-ready E-Commerce technology platform. With Qilin.Cloud, businesses can not only achieve their strategic goals but also continuously grow, ensuring enduring success in their ventures.

Give yourself an unfair advantage

Qilin.Cloud enables the digital transformation of your business tailored precisely to your unique requirements. Leveraging the flexibility of our cloud-native, MACH-OPC designed technology platform, it offers boundless opportunities to create channels and connections that truly embody the distinctiveness of your enterprise.

Move beyond the constraints of inflexible systems. Embrace leadership through innovation. This approach not only delivers tangible added value to your customers but also ushers in unprecedented operational efficiency for your business.

Why Qilin.Cloud Exists

Often in E-Commerce, the goal isn’t just to sell better products but to sell products better—and achieving this “better selling” primarily takes the form of software solutions nowadays. It’s about doing things differently than the competition.

Doing things differently means not relying on standard software.

This was the ultimate reason for creating a technology platform like Qilin.Cloud—to enable the development of highly individualized solutions in E-Commerce and beyond. Qilin.Cloud empowers businesses to set themselves apart and excel in the dynamic landscape of commerce through innovative and tailored approaches.

Addressing Challenges with Qilin.Cloud Technology Platform

Qilin.Cloud effectively tackles common customer challenges, providing solutions for improved performance, faster loading times, and, more importantly, addressing background issues such as process management and optimization, rapid Time to Market, and enhanced maintainability.

Qilin.Cloud is not just a solution for the present but also future-oriented. Through its APIs, users can integrate not only current devices but also those that may emerge in the future, including interfaces that are yet to be discovered. Anticipating trends like Augmented Reality and the Metaverse, Qilin.Cloud ensures adaptability to evolving technological landscapes, ensuring that all relevant innovations can be seamlessly implemented.

How Does Qilin.Cloud Benefit Businesses

Traditionally, companies aiming for rapid growth or developing new digital products or services encounter challenges in integrating with complex IT infrastructure, ERP systems, and more. Projects often involve significant risks due to their expensive and time-consuming nature, requiring careful consideration of aspects like performance and security.

Qilin.Cloud addresses these challenges through its modularity and the independence of frontend and backend components. This approach ensures a streamlined integration process, mitigating risks associated with cost and duration while offering the flexibility needed for dynamic project requirements. Qilin.Cloud empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with confidence and efficiency.

Time, the Most Critical KPI

In the realm of uncertainty where the only constant is change, we acknowledge that predicting future customer behavior or the devices they’ll use for shopping is elusive. Customers themselves may not have a clear vision of their future shopping habits.

Consider this: no one foresaw the need for an application like Snapchat until it became a phenomenon. If we had asked customers directly, “Do you need an app that deletes your pictures after 24 hours?” the response might not have reflected the eventual popularity.

Recognizing this inherent unpredictability underscores the importance of swift testing to learn rapidly about what works and what doesn’t.

The Qilin.Cloud Platform equips you with the tools, infrastructure, and setup necessary to address the challenges of today and anticipate the uncertainties of the future, emphasizing the need for agility and adaptability in an ever-evolving market landscape.

“Digital best practice can almost always be summarized in >time<. Almost all digital winners, almost all companies that generally win in competition do so because they are faster. Not because they have more money, not because they have more resources, not because they have a better idea, but because they are faster in realizing these ideas. You can go to really big, old, boring companies, really standard companies – you’ll find outstanding ideas there, but they’ll never reach the customer because these companies often lack the processes and the technologies to get them to the market fast enough.”

Marc Costea
Chief Executive Officer

Accelerating your Processes

Imagine you’re a B2B company, and a potential customer prefers to initiate the engagement with an request for a quote rather than an immediate purchase. With the right modular systems designed for speed, you can respond within an hour with a tailored quote. Your customer can provide feedback, and you can negotiate to reach a mutually agreeable price. In the traditional monolithic world, particularly in the classical ERP realm, this process would have taken much longer due to its inherently asynchronous nature.

In the digital commerce landscape, such processes are expedited, and the key differential is time. The customer in this scenario might choose you not necessarily because of a better price, but because you can deliver a 100% customized quote within an hour, outpacing your competition.

The distinguishing factor between you and the competition is speed. While you may be 50% more expensive or lack a specific product feature, your ability to win customers through rapid responsiveness is a pure software capability, not reliant on others like production capabilities.

This shift reflects the trajectory of forward-thinking companies moving away from “What am I selling” to “How am I selling.” The latter, “How am I selling” predominantly hinges on software capabilities, emphasizing the increasing importance of leveraging technology to enhance the sales process.

How Does Qilin.Cloud Facilitate Transformation

The Qilin.Cloud team frequently collaborates with users and the community, collectively tackling the significant challenges within the digital commerce landscape and transforming innovative ideas into reality. In this process, a technology platform like Qilin.Cloud plays an essential role. Equally crucial are governance and personnel management.

Qilin.Cloud contributes across all facets by offering best practices and insights into how successful companies navigate their projects. It addresses questions about sourcing skilled personnel and motivates existing teams. When these three pillars—technology, governance, and personnel—are seamlessly interconnected, projects can swiftly and successfully go live. Qilin.Cloud serves as a comprehensive solution, ensuring a harmonious integration of these elements for a streamlined and efficient transformation journey.

Let’s find out what Qilin.Cloud can do for your business