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What is Qilin.Cloud?


CEOs will tell you: their secret weapon.
CTOs might say: it’s a dream come true to optimize their IT processes & infrastructure.
Our intern: Well, we’re not quite sure yet …. which is why we invite you to dig a little deeper:

Why Qilin.Cloud

How Qilin.Cloud Helps your Business

Qilin.Cloud, the cutting-edge technology platform, is tailored for composable commerce, adhering to our refined MACH-OPC paradigm. It equips your business with a robust, secure, and agile infrastructure, accelerating all software-related processes. Seamlessly integrate the essential software components you require at the moment, eliminating unnecessary overhead.

Shorter Time-to-Market

Qilin.Cloud enables the rapid development and deployment of e-commerce solutions, thanks to its efficient and streamlined processes. By utilizing pre-existing, well-suited components, you can avoid unnecessary reinvention, thereby reducing costs and achieving a swifter time-to-market. This approach not only optimizes resource allocation but also accelerates the delivery of high-quality e-commerce services.

Integration Capabilities

Qilin.Cloud’s integration capabilities with a diverse range of e-commerce marketplaces and systems significantly enhance a platform’s versatility and expand its market reach. By establishing a single connection, you gain access to thousands of potential customers through different channels. This streamlined approach not only reduces costs but also accelerates your operations, requiring less initial setup and ongoing maintenance effort.

Process Optimization

Qilin.Cloud’s process mining enhances e-commerce efficiency by providing clear process visibility, identifying bottlenecks, and enabling data-driven decisions. This leads to cost reduction, improved customer experiences, and ensures compliance. It supports continuous improvement, scales with business growth, and offers a competitive edge with faster time-to-market.


The platform’s architecture fosters enhanced creative freedom, enabling the development of tailored, bespoke solutions. Simultaneously, it maintains a flexible framework that allows for swift adaptation to market changes. This agility is achieved through the seamless replacement of specific software components within your business’s software ecosystem, ensuring both innovation and responsiveness.

Development Efficiency

Qilin.Cloud revolutionizes application development for companies with its MACH-OPC architecture and suite of tools. This innovative approach streamlines development processes, significantly reducing complexity and time-to-market. Companies can now build applications more efficiently and rapidly, harnessing the power of microservices, API-first design, and cloud-native technologies to drive their development journey towards greater success and productivity.


Qilin.Cloud empowers companies with unparalleled performance and scalability. Its cloud-native foundation ensures that solutions effortlessly scale in alignment with client demands, facilitating seamless business growth. This scalability is achieved without the necessity for extensive infrastructure modifications, offering a robust, adaptable solution that evolves with your business needs.

Give yourself an unfair advantage

Qilin.Cloud enables the digital transformation of your business tailored precisely to your unique requirements. Leveraging the flexibility of our cloud-native, MACH-OPC designed technology platform, it offers boundless opportunities to create channels and connections that truly embody the distinctiveness of your enterprise.

Move beyond the constraints of inflexible systems. Embrace leadership through innovation. This approach not only delivers tangible added value to your customers but also ushers in unprecedented operational efficiency for your business.

E-Commerce, your way

We believe a modern technology platform should fit your business, not the other way around.

Our open technology platform combines the best of SaaS and API enabled openness and flexibility, giving you the enterprise integrations and tools you need to customize faster.

  • Flexibility you demand (or haven’t thought of yet)
  • Scalability for the flobal shift to online purchasing
  • Speed and agility to protect and grow more sales
  • Essential back office integrations
  • No proprietary blockers, friction or limitations

Leading brands have seend significantly lower TCO with Qilin.Cloud.

Want more freedom and lower TCO?


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Agencies provide specialized support in consulting, developing, implementing, and optimizing client-specific processes, often familiar with the client’s internal systems, business and domains.



A platform offers standardized services to users, providing technical expertise, customer access, lower costs, and faster service access. Examples are Marketplaces, Shopsystems, CRM, ERP, PIM, WMS, PSP, SSP, and many more …



In Qilin.Cloud, developers range from those creating plugins, connectors, and white-labeled apps for clients (from 1 to 1.000.000), to those distributing or licensing components to other developers.



E-commerce users, from sectors like B2B, B2C, D2C or M2C, seek agile platforms for efficient and effective operation, a deep process analysis and quick adaptation to market changes.



Analysts collect and analyze data to enhance company efficiency and uncover opportunities for sales and profit growth, often working in consulting agencies or in BI departments of enterprises.



Your business doesn’t fit in these categories? No worries – Qilin.Cloud also serves unique needs, enriching diverse businesses. Contact us to learn how we can assist.

Be future-proof with the Qilin.Cloud Technology Platform

Scale easily

Enhance your business on a strategic level with a powerful, performant and scalable digital commerce platform that thrives in complex business scenarios.

Benefit from the best-of-breed, enterprise-class applications on top of a secure and powerful infrastructure.

Automate your Commerce

Rely on automated commerce execution to optimize your business performance.

Optimize commerce interactions on the fly based on real-time end-to-end process intelligence. Create automated workflows that improve your performance.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Stay online during peak traffic and scale automatically. Gain peace of mind with predictable cost and unparalleled security.

Innovate your business through technology. Easily deploy across new channels, markets, devices, or customer types.

Choose from Best-of-Breed

Constantly improve your digital commerce. A composable, API-first architecture allows you to orchestrate best-of-breed capabilities.

Consume existing core commerce services à la carte and focus your own resources on what makes you special.

Rapidly Adapt to Changing Demand

Be future-proof, cut time-to-market, and respond to shifting trends with the agile and independent deployment of touchpoints, headless microservices and APIs.

Rely on a multi-tenancy digital commerce platform that is extensible on all levels and continuously delivers new features.

Business Centric Commerce

Manage unique business models that help you stand out from the crowd.

Benefit from proven business logic with end-to-end support of complex digital commerce use cases.

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