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Early Access Program

“Everybody has a testing environment.

Some people are lucky enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in.”

Unknown QC

The Early Access Program (EAP) for our technology platform gives you and your team access to pre-release versions, allowing you to evaluate new features, test issues that have been resolved, and provide feedback.

To use releases under our EAP, you do not need a paid subscription. You will, however, need an active account.

Version available under the EAP are pre-release software, which means the stability of EAP builds, as well as their applicability for specific purposes, may (and most probably will) vary. Please use EAP builds at your own risk.

This stage is used to let specified alpha/beta user test a new feature / bugfix. This test should never be productive and the user must understand, that unexpected problems can occur for the consequences of which Qilin.Cloud can offer no support and assume no liability.


  • EAP builds are -in general- valid for 30-60 days from their date of release
  • To report a bug or request a feature, join the Developer Discussions

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