Frequently Asked Questions

Is Qilin.Cloud a product?

No, Qilin.Cloud is a technology platform.

It’s made to create products on it, for example by an agency, a software developing company and sometimes even a user directly with its own IT department. It empowers platforms reaching thousand of possible users in the shortest time to market and helps lowering costs – not only initial, but also on a regular, maintenance base.

Qilin.Cloud focuses on the idea behind Composable Commerce. Think of it as glue that not only connects your e-commerce components, but also analyzes and improves them – automatically, making your business more efficient and effective while you sleep.

Are my data safe?

The security and availability of your data is our top priority.
The protection of your data is guaranteed by security and encryption technology of military standard, which are also used in banks or similar institutions. We operate with multiple redundancies in various high availability data centers and not only adhere to the latest security standards, but regularly exceed them.

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I am not a developer, can you help me?

Yes, we help you.

Our partners and we also, are developing more connectors to various channels every day, so that you can use them directly instead of having to program them yourself. Together with our Success Managers, we help you find the right technology or solution partner to configure the processes, as well as to evaluate and optimize the process mining.


Are there limitations?

Like everywhere in life, there are limitations with Qilin.Cloud, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, because the limitations ensure that you can always use a stable and performant service without having to worry about it.

A high volume of calls on any API service at any given time would increase server resource consumption and can lead into processing for whole community. If the load is due to an unauthorized intrusion it would be a chaos. Thus, limiting becomes extremely important for any API service to stay healthy.

Qilin.Cloud ensures this by relying on 3 processes:

  • Rate limits
  • Quota management
  • IO per day

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Do you have Success Manager?

Success Managers act as dedicated contacts at Qilin.Clound and support you in your ongoing success. They work with you to identify all relevant opportunities and issues, and provide targeted strategic and tactical guidance to help you make sense of the many features of the Qilin.Clout technology platform and select the best fitting partner and partner technologies. They also ensure early access to beta releases, address your feedback, and represent your concerns within Qilin.Cloud.

To benefit from this high level of service, we recommend that you contact a sales representative at sales@qilin.cloud for a customized quote.

I have a lot of data and need them express synced...

Qilin.Cloud is designed to handle a very large amount of data very quickly, in a stable manner over time.

We believe that only you know your processes like no one else, so we let you choose the processing speed for each API request individually, from “normal” to operate as cost-efficiently as possible, up to “hyper” for extremely fast processing.

Please note that external connectors and the connected channels may have their own limitations regarding the processing speed, which we have no influence on.

How do I migrate from other systems?

Since you don’t have to change your software components, your data integrity is completely preserved.
You only need to connect your components to Qilin.Cloud and import & configure the existing processes in our process mining technology. Our success managers will be happy to help you coordinate your project and the contact persons of the individual departments (or even find the right contact persons for you).

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Do I need my own team, or can I work with an agency?

The choice is yours. You can either divide tasks and work on the platform internally, using agencies to build specific connectors, or handle each step separately—for example, an agency builds a connector to a individual ERP & helps you with initial process mining configuration, and you choose to use a 3rd party connector to your shopsystem and configure it on your own.

How might an MVP look like?

The beauty of Qilin.Cloud is that you can test many different approaches for your perfect MVP, as the time to market is very short and therefore the costs are highly manageable.

Qilin.Cloud offers out-of-the-box all components that take care of data integrity, bulk data processing, processing speed, process control, analysis and optimization of your processes, audit-proof logging, tax & legal aspects (like GDPR) and more. In addition, you will find a variety of ready-to-use connectors to different channels on our Developer Platform for direct access. Our technology partners also offer connectors to even more channels.

All you need to do is to define a new process or channel from a business point of view and get started.

Is it possible to combine Qilin.Cloud with other tools and solutions?

Absolutely. You can use other tools for individual apps (for example, the shop, EDI link-up) or swap out specific components and capabilities – thats exactly the idea and beauty of Composable Commerce.
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How expensive is an average Qilin.Cloud project?
First of all:

Qilin.Cloud is only chargeable for productive use, usually for users who exchange their data or analyst who visualize and optimize the processes. If you are an agency, developer or platform you get a special access from us, which is free for development – no matter if your product will be for free or paid use. In addition, you also get a monthly free budget for infrastructure costs.

The price for users depends on the number of channels, the type of channels, the number of IO, the resource consumption that this IO produces and the processes you want to create, connect, analyze, and optimize. As a rule of thumb, it is possible to develop and deploy a single lean connection for most channels within a few weeks – for example, connecting your individual CRM to a new chatbot. In addition, Qilin.Clound and a variety of 3rd party developers offer ready-to-use connectors. When using these, your own development time is accelerated again, sometimes to just a few hours and maybe just a single day.

The goal is to keep each channel connector and process simple and relevant, and to anchor as much as possible in process management. This means that creating a standard connector can be up and running significantly faster with Qilin.Cloud than with other systems. However, the real strength of Qilin.Cloud is the variety of possible applications. For example, building a B2C case with 4-5 channels (e.g. store, web app, chatbot, voice and POS) with a standard system would be a complex, very expensive and frustratingly slow undertaking. Unlike standard systems, such a use case is part of Qilin.Cloud’s DNA.

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Do I have to disclose that my software product uses Qilin.Cloud?


Of course, we are always happy to see our users and partners use Qilin.Clouds logo and our other brand assets to refer to our company, platform and products.

However, you do not have to disclose the use of Qilin.Cloud technology platform to your users. It’s up to you.

Think of it like using the .Net platform, if you write programs in that environment you don’t have to disclose that either. The same is true for Qilin.Cloud.

We are not looking for fame – we are, like you, a part of the e-commerce community, specializing in software production for this domain and want to provide the right tools leverage your and your users business. Let’s work together, using the right tools at the right time!

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