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An analyst is responsible for collecting, monitoring and analyzing data with the aim of making processes within a company or for customers more efficient and effective. This analytical work not only uncovers potential savings, but also identifies previously untapped opportunities to increase sales and profits. In addition to direct employment in companies, analysts and controllers often work as part of consulting agencies in the consulting sector, where they use their expertise to optimize their clients’ business processes.


  • Seamless data integration enables holistic analyses from different sources

  • Predictive analytics in Qilin.Cloud helps to forecast future trends and behavior patterns

  • Customized reporting allows detailed analysis tailored to specific business needs

  • Real-time notifications ensure immediate updates on important data changes

  • Automated process optimization through AI technology increases efficiency and accuracy

  • Comprehensive process visualization provides detailed insights into all business processes

Your Use Case

Business Analyst

Your responsibility:
Unterstand business needs, processes & challenges to suggest solutions using data & technology.

Your skills:
Communication, stakeholder management, business process analysis, basic data analysis, requirement gathering.

You tools:
The process mining engine of the Qilin.Cloud technology platform, Business Intelligence Tools, Office Suite, Visio, …


As an business analyst the Qilin.Cloud Technology Platform is a 100% match. With its integrated process mining technology, Qilin.Cloud not only make the unseen processes visible and shows you the real word behind each happy path, but it also suggests possible solutions for ineficcencies and can automatically optimize the problems with AI.


Data Analyst

Your responsibility:
Analyze existing data, communicate the result to help make business decision.

Your skills:
CSQL, data visualization, reporting, basic statistics, data wrangling.

You tools:
The process mining engine of the Qilin.Cloud technology platform, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, Python, …


As an data analyst the Qilin.Cloud Technology Platform is a tool you don’t want to miss. It will help you visualize each dataflow, give you raw results of the processpaths and -if you want- automatically export it to your other toolkits like PowerBI or Tableau.


Data Scientist
Your responsibility:
Use Statistics & machine learning to make prediction & answer key business question.

Your skills:
Advanced statistics, machine learning, algorithm development, strong programming (Python, R).

You tools:
PyTorch, scikit-learn, Jupyter, Notebook, Apache Spark, Hadoop, ….


As an data scientist the Qilin.Cloud Technology Platform might not be the perfect fit for your daily work – BUT you are able to export all relevant information about each processflows, the logs, error-reportings, timings and many more directly from our API into our individual application.

You are a data scientist and bored about your current job?
You might want to have a look at our career page, we have open jobs for you:



Your role doesn’t fit in these categories?

No worries – Qilin.Cloud also serves unique needs, enriching diverse businesses. Contact us to learn how we can assist.


Your Benefits as an Analyst using Qilin.Cloud

Qilin.Cloud: Revolutionize your analytics with advanced process mining technology

In today’s data-driven business world, it is critical for analysts to have access to accurate and comprehensive information. Qilin.Cloud is at the forefront of this requirement, providing an advanced solution for process analysis and optimization – out of the box.


Process visualization and real-time analytics

Thanks to our state-of-the-art process mining technology, you not only receive a visual representation of all business processes, but also benefit from their real-time evaluation. The integration of modern AI technologies makes it possible to automatically optimize processes by identifying patterns and suggesting efficiency improvements. These in-depth analyses allow you to proactively identify and solve problems.


Qilin.Cloud as your central analysis tool

Qilin.Cloud acts as the central nervous system of your organization by providing insight into all business-critical processes. As an analyst, you have the ability to monitor everything in real time – from the big picture to the smallest details. This holistic view leaves no problems hidden and allows you to take full advantage of existing efficiencies.


Competitive advantage through speed and cost efficiency

Qilin.Cloud puts you ahead of the competition by enabling you to work faster and more cost-efficiently. The platform enables you to react quickly to changes and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data. This leads to an optimization of your business strategies and strengthens your position in the market.


reduced IT costs of managing SaaS operations as a result of composable application architectures by 2024


uplift in total revenue for organizations offering a unified commerce experience by 2025


of new commerce capabilities will be API-centric products

Advanced data integration

Qilin.Cloud enables seamless integration of different data sources, giving analysts a comprehensive picture of the business situation. This integration facilitates the consolidation and analysis of data from different systems, resulting in more accurate and holistic insights.

Predictive analytics

Harness the power of predictive analytics in Qilin.Cloud to forecast future market trends and behavioral patterns. This capability enables analysts to plan ahead and make strategic recommendations that prepare the business for future challenges.

Customized reporting

With Qilin.Cloud, analysts can create custom reports tailored to specific business needs. This reporting flexibility allows for detailed analysis and presentation of data in a form that management can understand.

Real-time notifications and alerts

Stay up to date with real-time notifications and alerts from Qilin.Cloud. These features immediately inform analysts of important changes or anomalies in the data, enabling quick responses and proactive action.


Challenges Addressed by complementary Products and Services

Enhancing your offering with complementary products and services allows you to finally overcome long existing problems and let your customers grow in a healthy way.

Customer Needs

Satisfy all customer needs with a rich product and service offering and retain a close customer relationship.

Customer Insights

More product and service variety means more customers, and therefore improved and more complete customer insights.


A rich range of complementary products and services allows for personalized offers for customers


Don’t waste any more time with Software Maintenance

Maintaining a legacy system can prevent your digital commerce teams from being productive. Qilin.Clouds  technology platform offers a maintenance-free alternative that makes software update projects a thing of the past.


Don’t worry about Performance

Companies operating in industries where demand fluctuates regularly need eCommerce technologies that can scale dynamically and reliably. This allows you to guarantee a first-class customer experience at all times.


Make the most of your Strengths

Your customers company is unique. But does his digital commerce software allows him to run his business exactly the way he wants to? Qilin.Cloud gives you and you customer the freedom to play to your strengths.


Focus on Success

All-in-one monolithic eCommerce systems are a thing of the past. Today, business success depends on your ability to combine the best available technologies in your service offering.


Save Resources with ready-made Functions

Intelligent engineering in eCommerce means that existing system components are consumed and integrated. This gives developers more time for adaptations that actually help your company move forward.


Outperform the Competition

As innovation cycles in eCommerce are faster than ever before, the companies that bring cutting-edge technologies to market the fastest and leave the competition behind will win.


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