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Brand Guidelines

We are always happy to see our users and partners use Qilin.Clouds logo and our other brand assets to refer to our company, platform and products. However, our name, trademarks, logos, icons, websites, screenshots, and other distinctive features (“Qilin.Cloud Brand features”) are the property of marcos software GmbH and its shareholding E CORP Holdings GmbH and must be used in compliance with these terms.

On this page you can find guidelines for using Qilin.Cloud Brand Features correctly. We trust that you will follow them and we regularly follow up with our users, partners, and the community to ensure that these guidelines are implemented correctly.

Thank you in advance for respecting these Terms.

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts for using our brand assets and trademarks correctly.


Please feel free to use Qilin.Cloud Brand Features and refer to Qilin.Cloud and its technology platform as described on this page. You can also use Qilin.Cloud Brand Features in social media, in educational videos, in connection with events, or if you want to advertise that your product has built-in integration with Qilin.Cloud technology platform or other products of Qilin.Cloud.

Use Attribution

Any use of Qilin.Cloud Brand Features should link back to Please also use the following trademark attributions:

For the Qilin.Cloud logo, please use the following attribution:

Copyright © 2012-2024 E CORP Holdings GmbH. Qilin.Cloud and the Qilin.Cloud logo are registered trademarks of E CORP Holdings GmbH.

For the Qilin.Cloud product logos, icons, and other Qilin.Cloud Brand Features, please use this attribution:

Copyright © 2024 E CORP Holdings GmbH. [QILIN.CLOUD PRODUCT NAME – e.g unicorn 3] and the [unicorn 3] logo are registered trademarks of E CORP Holdings GmbH.

For images or videos featuring a Qilin.Cloud product screenshot or data, please include the following attribution:

Copyright © 2024 E CORP Holdings GmbH, used with permission. [QILIN.CLOUD PRODUCT NAME – e.g. unicorn 3] and the [unicorn 3] logo are registered trademarks of E CORP Holdings GmbH.

Mind Correct Spelling, Capitalization and Pronounciation

Spell and capitalize trademarks (e.g. company and product names) exactly as they are shown in the Trademarks List. For example, for Qilin.Cloud always capitalize the “Q” and “C” and add a dot between the “Qilin” and “Cloud” without any space.

Use Colors from the Color Palette

The Qilin.Cloud company and product logos can be used on any color background in our Color Palette, but black is preferable.

Mind the Minimum Clear Space

The amount of clear space around our logos should be at least 25% of the height of the logo. No text or graphics should intrude into this area.

Be Aware of the Minimum Size

In print, the smallest side length that can be used for reproducing our logos is 7.5mm; for screen and digital use, the smallest size is 50 pixels.

Make Rays Solid for Black and White Cases

If you need to use our logos or icons in black and white, the rays must be made solid white or specific grey (see Color Palette).

Use Photographs and Colors as Backgrounds

The logos and icons can be used on a wide variety of background colors, but black is preferable. You can also use photographs as backgrounds for the Qilin.Cloud logo. It is important that the photograph or color does not compromise the legibility of the logo.

Practical Examples of Do’s

Although there is a fine line between association of products and endorsement (see the “Don’t Imply Endorsement Where None Exists” section below), we do not mind if you use Qilin.Cloud Brand Features in the name of your event, social media post, webpage, image, video, or product connections. For example:


[NAME OF YOUR EVENT] talks about Qilin.Cloud technology platform

Qilin.Cloud masterclass by [NAME OF THE PRESENTER]

Connect your shop to 10 marketsplaces in under 30 minutes with Qilin.Cloud

Social media and Videos

How we started using Qilin.Cloud

Qilin.Cloud – Top 10 Tips

Qilin.Cloud Tutorial

Built-in Connections

Works with Qilin.Cloud technology platform

[Connector] for Qilin.Cloud

[Product] works with Qilin.Cloud

Built using Qilin.Cloud technology platform

These examples are provided to help make the use of Qilin.Cloud Brand Features easier, but please note there might be some specific circumstances where these would not always work.


Below are some examples of what not to do with the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features. They are designed to give a general overview of bad practices, which should always be avoided in order to maintain the consistency of our brand assets. If you are not sure, you can always contact us at

Don’t Overdo It

Ensure that Qilin.Cloud Brand Features are not displayed more prominently than the name, logo, or trademarks of your own product or service.

Don’t Imitate

Mimicking Qilin.Cloud Brand Features in non-Qilin.Cloud materials is not allowed. The same restriction applies for animating Qilin.Cloud Brand Features, altering them (except for size), combining them with any other words, symbols, images, or designs, or incorporating them into a slogan or tagline.

Don’t Imply Endorsement Where None Exists

While we do love cooperation, do not in any way imply affiliation with Qilin.Cloud, or sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of your products or services from us, without Qilin.Clouds permission. Before referring to cooperation with Qilin.Cloud, you need to have this cooperation formally established in writing with an agreement from Qilin.Cloud. Examples would be ‘approved by Qilin.Cloud’, ‘Qilin.Cloud Certified’, or ‘Recommended by Qilin.Cloud’.

Please note that free platform or product subscriptions granted by Qilin.Cloud do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement. If you receive a free product subscription from Qilin.Cloud, you may mention that Qilin.Cloud granted you a free patform or product license for your meetup/event, OSS project, programming course, or particular community activity. You may also use Qilin.Cloud Brand logos or other brand assets for this purpose. You may, for example, say ‘supported by Qilin.Cloud’ or ‘platform subscriptions provided by Qilin.Cloud’.

Don’t use the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features in the name of your own business or offerings (products, services, apps, domain names, website titles, social media account handles, publication titles, etc.). Examples include ‘Qilin.Cloud Supreme’, ‘Qilin.Cloud Chat Corner’, or ‘’.

There are permitted ways to show connection to Qilin.Cloud Platform and Products as demonstrated in the ‘Practical Examples of Do’s’ above. The use of Qilin.Cloud Brand Features in seminars, conferences, and social media is allowed, as well as built-in product connections – please reach out to us at if you need more clarity or specific permission.

Don’t Be Nagetive

Use of Qilin.Cloud Brand Features in a manner that would slander, mock, or disparage Qilin.Cloud platform, its products, or its services is not allowed.

Don’t Impersonate

Using the name or likeness of an individual from within Qilin.Cloud in any social media account is strictly prohibited.

Do Not Place a Tagline Over the Rays

Ensure that the taglines never overlap any of the rays, and also follow the rules set out previously in these guidelines.

Do Not Change the Colors and the Shape of the Logos and Icons

When using Qilin.Cloud logos and icons, do not squash or distort them in any way, do not use visual effects, angling, or rotation, and do not change the colors. Always use the master artwork provided in the Logos section to ensure an accurate reproduction. All Qilin.Cloud trademarks in reduced-size logos must remain readable and clearly identifiable.

Do not Modify the Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio used in our logos must remain untouched.

As long as you follow these Qilin.Cloud Brand Guidelines (Terms), Qilin.Cloud grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free limited license to use the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features for the purposes and in the manner specified in the Terms. By using the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features, you agree to the Terms.

Any use of the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features must include an attribution (or other appropriate notice) clearly indicating that the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features are trademarks or distinctive brand features of Qilin.Cloud.

Only Qilin.Cloud may decide (‘sole discretion’) to change the Terms or decide that a particular use of Qilin.Cloud Brand Features is improper and needs to cease or be modified. Changes may be made at any time. In such a case, you agree to be contacted and promptly correct the improper use, or to cease further use of the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features.

The Qilin.Cloud Brand Features are provided free of charge; as such they are made available on an “as is” basis and Qilin.Cloud disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including warranties of non-infringement, and under no circumstances will Qilin.Cloud be liable to you under any theory of liability.

Except as provided here, nothing in the Terms grants, or should be interpreted as granting, you any right, title, or interest in or to the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features. You agree not to oppose or assist others to oppose the Qilin.Cloud Brand Features (except to the extent such restriction is prohibited by applicable law), and you must not register or attempt to register any domain names, trade names, trademarks, or other Qilin.Cloud Brand Features that are confusingly similar to those of Qilin.Cloud.

Qilin.Cloud reserves the right to take any action against any use that does not conform to the Terms, infringes on any Qilin.Cloud intellectual property or other rights, or violates applicable law.

You may not assign your rights or delegate your obligations under the Terms without Qilin.Clouds prior written consent.

The parties are independent of each other and neither party shall be deemed to be an employee, agent, partner, or legal representative of the other for any purpose, and neither shall have any right, power, or authority to create any obligation or responsibility on behalf of the other.

The Terms are not intended to benefit, nor shall they be deemed to give rise to, any rights of any third party.

No failure or delay by Qilin.Cloud in exercising any right, power, or privilege hereunder will operate as a waiver thereof, nor will any single or partial exercise thereof preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power, or privilege hereunder.

The Terms are governed by and to be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, without regard to conflict of legal principles. The venue for any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, the Terms is Bonn, Germany.

Unless modified in writing executed by both parties, the Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter.

These Terms are available in more language versions. In the event of conflict or discrepancy between the English and any other language versions, the English version shall prevail.

Trademarks List

Below is a non-exhaustive, illustrative list of Qilin.Cloud Brand Features:


  • marcos software
  • E CORP Holdings
  • Digital Commerce Academy


  • Qilin.Cloud
  • unicorn 3
  • unicorn 2
  • unicorn



The rectangle represents the platform, the layers below the multiple technologies and engines that Qilin.Cloud contains of. Combined with the transparency that our company stands for, it is the perfect visual representation of what Qilin.Cloud is and a unique visual statement.

You can download the company and product logos below. Please make sure to read the Qilin.Cloud Brand Guidelines before using our logos and icons, and when used on a website, don’t forget to link them back to


marcos software



unicorn 2



The Qilin.Cloud Brand features color palette has been created to allow maximum flexibility and give a strong set of colors for use. These colors have also been used to create the corporate and product logos.

Daffodil yellow

HEX: #E88C00
RGB: 232, 140, 0
CMYK: 0, 40, 100, 9
RAL: 1007
Pantone 144

Broom yellow

HEX: #E2A300
RGB: 226, 163, 0
CMYK: 0, 28, 100, 11
RAL: 1032
Pantone 124

Traffic orange

HEX: #DE5308
RGB: 222, 83, 8
CMYK: 0, 63, 96, 13
RAL: 2009
Pantone 172

Mouse grey

HEX: #6B6E6B
RGB: 107, 110, 107
CMYK: 3, 0, 3, 57
RAL: 7005
Pantone 431

Jet black

HEX: #0E0E10
RGB: 14, 14, 16
CMYK: 13, 13, 0, 94
RAL: 9005
Pantone Black

Traffic white

RGB: 241, 241, 234
CMYK: 0, 0, 3, 5
RAL: 9016
Pantone 705

Turquoise blue

HEX: #048B8C
RGB: 4, 139, 140
CMYK: 97, 1, 0, 45
RAL: 5018
Pantone 3145

Report a Violation

We would appreciate it if you let us know if you find any websites that are using Qilin.Cloud Brand Features (Qilin.Cloud name, trademarks, or logos) or other distinctive features inappropriately.

Report inappropriate use of a Qilin.Cloud Brand Feature:

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