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A software forge is either a group of several developers or a single developer who produces applications or parts of applications. These can be anything from individual plugins and connectors to multi-layered, large applications that offer value for their users.

In the context of Qilin.Cloud, by developers we mean both developers who produce plugins, connectors and (white-labeled) applications on behalf of a customer (both for external customers and also internally), as well as those who develop plugins, connectors and (white-labeled) applications to distribute them. It also includes developers who provide components to help other developers and license them accordingly.



  • Qilin.Cloud offers a library of modular components that drastically reduce development time

  • Developers can expand their expertise through access to a wide range of e-commerce technologies

  • The platform facilitates collaboration and component sharing within the developer community

  • Qilin.Cloud is constantly integrating new technologies to give developers a competitive edge

  • By using Qilin.Cloud, developers can create robust, future-proof solutions for the e-commerce market

  • Qilin.Cloud is largely open source, giving developers and users deep insight to consider this platform for even the most complex compliance environments of large organizations

Your Benefits as a Developer using Qilin.Cloud

Qilin.Cloud: A catalyst for developer success

In the ever-evolving world of software engineering, Qilin.Cloud offers developers unique opportunities to unleash their creativity and technical expertise. Our platform serves as your partner for the efficient development and monetization of your projects.


Revolutionize the market with tailor-made connectors and apps

Innovative connectors: At Qilin.Cloud, you have the freedom to develop plugins and connectors either on behalf of a specific customer or on your own account. In the latter case, these plugins and connectors offer an excellent opportunity to generate continuous license fees by making them available to other developers and users. This opens up a new revenue stream for you while contributing to the expansion of the Qilin.Cloud ecosystem.

Apps with added value: Develop apps that are tailored to the needs of your customers. With the option of white-labeling, you can offer your solutions under different brands, enabling a fast time-to-market and broad market penetration. Thanks to Qilin.Cloud’s reusable components, you benefit from low initial and follow-up costs. These components are already used by many others, which ensures their reliability and quality.


Fast development, high quality, low costs

Qilin.Cloud is the perfect environment to realize your projects with a shortened time-to-market. The platform provides a solid foundation of composable, reusable building blocks that accelerate your development processes while ensuring the highest quality standards. Take advantage of a collaborative development environment that allows you to work faster and more cost-efficiently without compromising on quality.


Become part of the Qilin.Cloud community

Join a growing community of developers who choose Qilin.Cloud as their preferred platform for innovation and growth. Discover how Qilin.Cloud can revolutionize your development projects and bring your creative visions to market efficiently and profitably.


Qilin.Cloud: Open source for compliance conformity

The open source nature of Qilin.Cloud is a significant advantage for developers working on projects for customers with strict compliance requirements. With extensive access to the source code, Qilin.Cloud not only provides deep insight into how the platform works, but also ensures maximum transparency and customizability. This makes it easier for developers to meet even the most demanding compliance guidelines of large companies and provide trustworthy, customized solutions that meet specific security and data protection standards.


reduced IT costs of managing SaaS operations as a result of composable application architectures by 2024


uplift in total revenue for organizations offering a unified commerce experience by 2025


of new commerce capabilities will be API-centric products


Like the .NET Framework, but for e-commerce

Qilin.Cloud represents a similar revolution in the world of e-commerce as the .NET framework did in the development of software applications. While .NET serves as a robust, versatile framework that provides developers with a unified programming environment, Qilin.Cloud goes one step further in the realm of e-commerce. It offers a similarly seamless and integrated experience, but specifically tailored to the requirements of digital commerce.

A key element of this is the ability to develop and share custom components, similar to how NuGet works in the .NET ecosystem. NuGet allows developers to share code in the form of packages that can be easily integrated into projects. Qilin.Cloud extends this concept by allowing developers to create custom e-commerce components and share them within the Qilin.Cloud community (both paid and free).

This approach not only promotes code reuse and reduces development time, but also creates a dynamic, collaborative environment where developers can benefit from the innovations of others to create robust, customized e-commerce solutions.

Facilitated application development

Qilin.Cloud is revolutionizing application development in the e-commerce domain by providing developers with an extensive arsenal of pre-built and modular components. These tools allow you to build complex applications faster and more efficiently by reducing the need to develop each element from scratch. This allows you to focus on creating unique features and fine-tuning the user experience.

Expansion of development capacities

With Qilin.Cloud, developers can expand their capabilities and portfolio by gaining access to a wide range of e-commerce technologies and integrations. This platform provides the opportunity to familiarize yourself with new technologies and develop industry-specific solutions, allowing you to strengthen your expertise in a competitive market.

Improved collaboration and code reuse

Qilin.Cloud promotes a culture of collaboration and code reuse among developers. By sharing components and solutions within the Qilin.Cloud community, developers can benefit from the innovations of others while making their own developments available to a wide audience. This leads to more efficient development practices and continuous improvement of available tools.

Future-oriented technology and market advantages

By using Qilin.Cloud, you stay at the forefront of technological development in e-commerce. The platform is future-proofed and continuously integrates the latest technology trends. This enables you to develop market-leading solutions and offer your customers advanced, future-proof products.


Challenges Addressed by complementary Products and Services

Enhancing your offering with complementary products and services allows you to finally overcome long existing problems and let your customers grow in a healthy way.

Customer Needs

Satisfy all customer needs with a rich product and service offering and retain a close customer relationship.

Customer Insights

More product and service variety means more customers, and therefore improved and more complete customer insights.


A rich range of complementary products and services allows for personalized offers for customers


Don’t waste any more time with Software Maintenance

Maintaining a legacy system can prevent your digital commerce teams from being productive. Qilin.Clouds  technology platform offers a maintenance-free alternative that makes software update projects a thing of the past.


Don’t worry about Performance

Companies operating in industries where demand fluctuates regularly need eCommerce technologies that can scale dynamically and reliably. This allows you to guarantee a first-class customer experience at all times.


Make the most of your Strengths

Your customers company is unique. But does his digital commerce software allows him to run his business exactly the way he wants to? Qilin.Cloud gives you and you customer the freedom to play to your strengths.


Focus on Success

All-in-one monolithic eCommerce systems are a thing of the past. Today, business success depends on your ability to combine the best available technologies in your service offering.


Save Resources with ready-made Functions

Intelligent engineering in eCommerce means that existing system components are consumed and integrated. This gives developers more time for adaptations that actually help your company move forward.


Outperform the Competition

As innovation cycles in eCommerce are faster than ever before, the companies that bring cutting-edge technologies to market the fastest and leave the competition behind will win.


Ready for the leverage?

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