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A platform is an environment on which services are offered. The services are usually standardized and therefore the same for all users. The user benefits from the technical specialization and (often) customer access of the platform and has lower costs and faster access to both. In return, platforms generally commission their services.

Examples of platforms:
Marketplaces, shopsystems, CRM / ERP / PIM / WMS / OMS – systems, shipping service providers, payment service providers, business intelligence, tax/legal services, HR solutions, social media managing platforms, SEO/SEM, production managing tools, financial/accounting software solutions and many more …



  • Reach a wide audience without complex integrations
  • Reduce initial development and maintanance costs with pre-build blocks, connectors & plugins
  • Flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market
  • Work agil by start doing spike & integration tests due to short time-to-market

Your Benefits as a Platform using Qilin.Cloud

Qilin.Cloud: your bridge to limitless connectivity and market reach

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the ability to access different channels quickly and efficiently is a key competitive advantage. Qilin.Cloud is the answer to this challenge, a technology platform that combines comprehensive connectivity with remarkable simplicity.


Reach a wide audience without complex integrations

With Qilin.Cloud, you can reach an extensive network of users without the need to develop individual connectors for each channel. This efficient strategy minimizes initial investment as well as ongoing maintenance and follow-up costs. A single connection to Qilin.Cloud opens the door to a multitude of channels, systems and users. With just one connector, you can tap into a large customer group and significantly expand your market reach.


Access to customers: A decisive factor for your business success

For any platform, direct access to customers is an indispensable key to success. By creating low barriers to entry, you position your platform attractively for potential customers. It is therefore essential to provide efficient and reliable connectors to your users’ preferred systems. With Qilin.Cloud, this becomes an effortless task. Our platform not only offers connections to the leading systems in the e-commerce sector, but also gives you immediate access to their extensive user base. This saves you the time-consuming and costly task of developing your own solutions and allows you to adapt quickly and effectively to the needs of your market.


Qilin.Cloud: an investment in the future

By choosing Qilin.Cloud, you are investing in a technology that is not only relevant today, but will be even more relevant tomorrow. You benefit from lower costs, faster time-to-market and the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market. Discover how Qilin.Cloud can be your connection to the world of e-commerce innovation.


reduced IT costs of managing SaaS operations as a result of composable application architectures by 2024


uplift in total revenue for organizations offering a unified commerce experience by 2025


of new commerce capabilities will be API-centric products


“The time to accelerate innovation and evolve to a unified technology platform is now. By automating workflows, connecting experiences, enabling holistic data integration across all business processes, and extending capabilities – you’ll be able to move beyond data volume to the most critical currency for businesses today — data value.”

Sally Eaves
CTO and Global Strategy Advisorn

Scalability and flexibility

With Qilin.Cloud, your platform scales effortlessly with the growing demands of your business. This technology flexibly adapts to increasing user numbers and changing market conditions, allowing you to respond to your customers’ needs at any time. Qilin.Cloud’s dynamic architecture allows you to adapt quickly without sacrificing performance, keeping your platform reliable and efficient even at peak times.

Advanced security features

Security is a key concern in the digital world. Qilin.Cloud reinforces the protection of your platform with state-of-the-art security measures. From encrypted data transfers to advanced authentication procedures, Qilin.Cloud ensures that your and your customers’ data is always safe. This robust security infrastructure minimizes risk and increases your users’ confidence in your platform.

Seamless integration and compatibility

Qilin.Cloud facilitates integration with a wide range of third-party systems and services. By providing compatible interfaces and extensive API support, Qilin.Cloud enables your platform to seamlessly integrate with existing ecosystems. This promotes connectivity and interoperability, allowing you to increase efficiency and provide a smoother experience for your customers.

Data-driven decision making

Harness the power of data with Qilin.Cloud. The technology platform offers advanced analytics tools that allow you to gain valuable insights into user behavior and market trends. This data helps you make informed decisions, increase efficiency and identify new growth opportunities. With Qilin.Cloud, you turn data into actions that drive your business forward.


Challenges Addressed by complementary Products and Services

Enhancing your offering with complementary products and services allows you to finally overcome long existing problems and let your customers grow in a healthy way.

Customer Needs

Satisfy all customer needs with a rich product and service offering and retain a close customer relationship.

Customer Insights

More product and service variety means more customers, and therefore improved and more complete customer insights.


A rich range of complementary products and services allows for personalized offers for customers


Don’t waste any more time with Software Maintenance

Maintaining a legacy system can prevent your digital commerce teams from being productive. Qilin.Clouds  technology platform offers a maintenance-free alternative that makes software update projects a thing of the past.


Don’t worry about Performance

Companies operating in industries where demand fluctuates regularly need eCommerce technologies that can scale dynamically and reliably. This allows you to guarantee a first-class customer experience at all times.


Make the most of your Strengths

Your customers company is unique. But does his digital commerce software allows him to run his business exactly the way he wants to? Qilin.Cloud gives you and you customer the freedom to play to your strengths.


Focus on Success

All-in-one monolithic eCommerce systems are a thing of the past. Today, business success depends on your ability to combine the best available technologies in your service offering.


Save Resources with ready-made Functions

Intelligent engineering in eCommerce means that existing system components are consumed and integrated. This gives developers more time for adaptations that actually help your company move forward.


Outperform the Competition

As innovation cycles in eCommerce are faster than ever before, the companies that bring cutting-edge technologies to market the fastest and leave the competition behind will win.


Ready for the leverage?

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