Use Cases


A user in the e-commerce domain often comes from the B2B, B2C, D2C or M2C sectors. He either use a software monolith and want to move away from this and its lock-in costs and inertia towards an agile solution, or he already use a variety of systems (often in combination with individual programming) and are looking for a platform to operate these cost-efficiently but as effectively as possible. He needs speed in implementation and speed in adapting to changes in the market and the competition.


  • Qilin.Cloud enables efficient use of resources, reduces waste and increases business efficiency

  • Qilin.Cloud’s intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures quick familiarization and ease of use

  • Experience improved data analysis and reporting for informed, data-driven decisions

  • Benefit from future-proof technology that is always in line with the latest market trends and requirements

  • Qilin.Cloud offers low barriers to entry and access to a broad network of systems and channels

  • Achieve rapid adaptation to market changes and retain the upper hand over monolithic systems

Your Use Case

F2C / M2C

Factory to Consumer / Manufacturer to Consumer

Your painpoints:
Factories and manufacturers aiming to expand their business and sell directly to consumers often encounter challenges in navigating an entirely new sector. The requirements for selling, especially to end consumers within the European Union, have significantly increased. This surge in requirements includes not only the development of suitable product data specific to each channel and synchronized offer data but also the unfamiliarity with return, CRM processes, last mile shipping, order package and many more.

The solution:
Qilin.Cloud supports F2C/M2C companies in entering new markets by providing appropriate, individual software solutions for all their needs. Thanks to its modularity, it is possible to find the right software solutions for any challenge at any time – and if necessary, they can be seamlessly replaced. United on the Qilin.Cloud technology platform, companies benefit from an infrastructure where concerns about scaling, maintenance, failures, and the like are eliminated.



Direct to Consumer

Your painpoints:
Brands seeking to deepen their vertical integration and gain margin advantages through customer proximity frequently encounter challenges in tapping into a previously uncharted domains. The requirements for sales (B2C / D2C) have significantly increased in recent years. Not only are legal regulations in direct-to-consumer sales often very different from B2B transactions, but managing customer interactions and particularly targeted marketing on channels such as marketplaces also pose significant challenges for brands.

The solution:
Qilin.Cloud supports brands wishing to offer D2C services by providing suitable, individualized software solutions for all their requirements. Thanks to its modularity, the right software solutions for any challenge can be found at any given time, and if necessary, they can be seamlessly replaced. Unified on the Qilin.Cloud technology platform, brands benefit from an infrastructure where concerns about scaling, maintenance, failures, and similar issues are eliminated.



Business to Business

Your painpoints:
Traditionally, companies aiming for enhanced growth or facing pivotal moments such as internationalization or digitalization encounter difficulties integrating with complex IT, infrastructure, and ERP systems. These projects often carry significant risk due to their costly and prolonged nature, alongside the necessity to address performance and security concerns. Historically, monolithic all-in-one systems like ERP have been deployed, which not only incur high lock-in costs but also impede the agility of businesses. When market changes necessitate updates to existing systems or when companies aim to expand and often internationalize, they become acutely aware of their inherent inertia and the associated costs.

The solution:
The Qilin.Cloud technology platform addresses this very issue. Once migrated to the platform (and this can be done partly), companies can not only integrate solutions that are perfectly tailored to the current needs of every department but also replace them without significant time loss or excessive costs, if necessary. The company becomes not only agile but, crucially, fast—today’s most critical KPI, because speed is essential for responding to customer demands.



Business to Consumer

Your painpoints:
B2C enterprises face the challenge of providing personalized shopping experiences in an environment of escalating customer expectations, frequently relying on standard software solutions such as monolithic ERP systems. However, such standard solutions often make customization complex or unattainable. The issues of scalability during peak seasons, delayed product introductions in reaction to market trends, and the difficulty of crafting seamless omnichannel experiences are widespread. Moreover, maintaining data security, adhering to regulatory compliance, and efficiently managing returns and customer service present significant obstacles, particularly as companies embark on international expansion.

The solution:
Qilin.Cloud addresses these pain points with a unique technology platform. Through its modular structure and the use of pre-made components, you not only have the opportunity to reduce complexity in your IT landscape but also to tailor it specifically to your needs – thereby offering solutions and shopping experiences customized for your customers. Qilin.Cloud is highly scalable while maintaining performance and flexibility. And the best part: Forget about additional thoughts and costs for maintenance, as the infrastructure is fully managed by Qilin.Cloud. This allows you to focus on your core business and achieve the necessary agility to adapt to market changes, regulatory updates, and most importantly, your customers’ desires. Stay ahead of your competition, today and in the future.


Your business doesn’t fit in these categories?

No worries – Qilin.Cloud also serves unique needs, enriching diverse businesses. Contact us to learn how we can assist.


Your Benefits as an User using Qilin.Cloud

Tailor-made solutions for modern e-commerce

In the fast-moving e-commerce sector, the ability to adapt efficiently to changing market conditions is a decisive factor for success. Qilin.Cloud offers precisely this flexibility and efficiency through customized connectivity and analysis options.


Individual connections for maximum efficiency

Qilin.Cloud enables users to implement individual connections to their preferred systems. Whether it’s generally known platforms for which connectors already exist or more specific requirements – Qilin.Cloud covers all your needs. If a specific connector does not yet exist, development and sublicensing offers an opportunity not only to recoup investment costs, but also to open up new revenue streams. Once connected to Qilin.Cloud, you gain access to an extensive network of channels and systems.


Innovative technologies for market-leading positions

Don’t rely on constantly “reinventing the wheel”. Qilin.Cloud is based on proven technologies that have established themselves on the market. For you as a user, this reliability means a secure and high-quality basis for your business processes. The platform also guarantees the highest security standards through regular updates that can be easily integrated into your system. This not only saves valuable development time, but also ensures the security of your data and that of your customers.


Speed and adaptability for dynamic market leadership

Speed in the implementation of projects and customizations is another key advantage of Qilin.Cloud. This results in lower costs and faster responsiveness to market changes. Qilin.Cloud’s modular approach makes it easy to replace individual components, so you always have the right solutions for every part of your business. This adaptability gives you a decisive advantage over competitors who still rely on monolithic and less flexible systems.


Qilin.Cloud: your partner for agile and successful operations

Choose Qilin.Cloud as your partner in digital commerce and benefit from a platform that not only meets your current requirements, but also equips you for future challenges. With Qilin.Cloud, you will always stay one step ahead of the competition.


reduced IT costs of managing SaaS operations as a result of composable application architectures by 2024


uplift in total revenue for organizations offering a unified commerce experience by 2025


of new commerce capabilities will be API-centric products

Efficient use of resources

Maximize your resource efficiency with Qilin.Cloud. Our platform enables you to maximize the performance of your existing systems by seamlessly integrating them into your business environment. This leads to a significant reduction in wasted resources and increases the overall efficiency of your business.

User-friendly interface

Qilin.Cloud is characterized by an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is easy to use and quick to learn. This allows you and your team to benefit from the advantages of the platform without long learning phases and focus on the essentials: Your business. Or would you like integration into your own interfaces? This is also easily possible with Qilin.Cloud: any UI interaction can be mapped via API.

Improved data analysis and reporting

Use Qilin.Cloud’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to gain deeper insights into your business processes. Our tools enable you to make data-driven decisions based on accurate, timely information, allowing you to effectively optimize your business strategy.

Future-proof technology

With Qilin.Cloud, you are investing in future-proof technology that is continuously evolving to keep pace with the latest trends and demands of the market. This ensures that your business remains competitive in the future and that you can benefit from the latest technological developments.


Challenges Addressed by complementary Products and Services

Enhancing your offering with complementary products and services allows you to finally overcome long existing problems and let your customers grow in a healthy way.

Customer Needs

Satisfy all customer needs with a rich product and service offering and retain a close customer relationship.

Customer Insights

More product and service variety means more customers, and therefore improved and more complete customer insights.


A rich range of complementary products and services allows for personalized offers for customers


Don’t waste any more time with Software Maintenance

Maintaining a legacy system can prevent your digital commerce teams from being productive. Qilin.Clouds  technology platform offers a maintenance-free alternative that makes software update projects a thing of the past.


Don’t worry about Performance

Companies operating in industries where demand fluctuates regularly need eCommerce technologies that can scale dynamically and reliably. This allows you to guarantee a first-class customer experience at all times.


Make the most of your Strengths

Your customers company is unique. But does his digital commerce software allows him to run his business exactly the way he wants to? Qilin.Cloud gives you and you customer the freedom to play to your strengths.


Focus on Success

All-in-one monolithic eCommerce systems are a thing of the past. Today, business success depends on your ability to combine the best available technologies in your service offering.


Save Resources with ready-made Functions

Intelligent engineering in eCommerce means that existing system components are consumed and integrated. This gives developers more time for adaptations that actually help your company move forward.


Outperform the Competition

As innovation cycles in eCommerce are faster than ever before, the companies that bring cutting-edge technologies to market the fastest and leave the competition behind will win.


Ready for the leverage?

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