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Agencies provide specialized support in consulting, developing, implementing, and optimizing client-specific processes, often familiar with the client’s internal systems, business and domains.



A platform offers standardized services to users, providing technical expertise, customer access, lower costs, and faster service access. Examples are Marketplaces, Shopsystems, CRM, ERP, PIM, WMS, PSP, SSP, and many more …



In Qilin.Cloud, developers range from those creating plugins, connectors, and white-labeled apps for clients (from 1 to 1.000.000), to those distributing or licensing components to other developers.



E-commerce users, from sectors like B2B, B2C, D2C or M2C, seek agile platforms for efficient and effective operation, a deep process analysis and quick adaptation to market changes.



Analysts collect and analyze data to enhance company efficiency and uncover opportunities for sales and profit growth, often working in consulting agencies or in BI departments of enterprises.



Your business doesn’t fit in these categories? No worries – Qilin.Cloud also serves unique needs, enriching diverse businesses. Contact us to learn how we can assist.

Why Qilin.Cloud?

Choosing the right technology platform is critical to growing your business

We know you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the right Technology Platform to help you grow your business. You may be wondering why you should invest in a platform to improve your processes and how it fits into your company’s software stack. We make it easy for you. Treat yourself to a solution that is tailored to you and your business needs!

Qilin.Cloud is built as a composable system according to MACH and allows you to implement and maintain best-of-breed applications tailored to your individual business needs. And should you ever outgrow the application, it is seamlessly possible to exchange the individual components again.

No lock-in, no black box – Qilin.Cloud is an advocate for Open Commerce – so you always have visibility into the critical components for your internal reporting or compliance requirements for external stakeholder.

The X-Ray of your business: Qilin.Cloud analyzes and visualizes your business processes – and their every variation – as they run – live. The objective, fact-based metrics gained not only to help you optimize your processes faster and more accurately – Qilin.Cloud does the automated, AI-powered optimization for you, too.

Qilin.Cloud does this for you at the speed you need – the speed you decide. That’s what enables an enterprise to act as cost-efficiently as possible without losing effectiveness.