Getting started


Why Qilin.Cloud?

Choosing the right technology platform is critical to growing your business

We know you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the right Technology Platform to help you grow your business. You may be wondering why you should invest in a platform to improve your processes and how it fits into your company’s software stack. We make it easy for you. Treat yourself to a solution that is tailored to you and your business needs!

Qilin.Cloud is built as a composable system according to MACH and allows you to implement and maintain best-of-breed applications tailored to your individual business needs. And should you ever outgrow the application, it is seamlessly possible to exchange the individual components again.

No lock-in, no black box – Qilin.Cloud is an advocate for Open Commerce – so you always have visibility into the critical components for your internal reporting or compliance requirements for external stakeholder.

The X-Ray of your business: Qilin.Cloud analyzes and visualizes your business processes – and their every variation – as they run – live. The objective, fact-based metrics gained not only to help you optimize your processes faster and more accurately – Qilin.Cloud does the automated, AI-powered optimization for you, too.

Qilin.Cloud does this for you at the speed you need – the speed you decide. That’s what enables an enterprise to act as cost-efficiently as possible without losing effectiveness.

Develop a

connector / plugin


You create a connector for a marketplace, or a shop, a CRM, an ERP, …..

Price for you:


Price for your user:

Your user will not be charged by us

Although it is not a must, we are always happy when connectors / plugins are made available to the community.

The pricing of the use of your connector/plugin is of course entirely up to you -from free to $$$$$- but it allows you a significantly increased revenue stream, as other applications can use your component directly within Qilin.Cloud.

This is also a nice model to refinance your up-front development costs, as well as maintenance costs due to keeping your connector / plugin up to date. 

Develop an app for a

specific user


You create an application that is connecting an ERP to three marketplaces, a CRM and a shop – and sell this app to a single specific user.

Price for you:


Price for your user:

Starting at $10K monthly

Develop an app for

multiple users

use Qilin.Cloud as underlying core, whitelabeled


You create an application, that connects an ERP to different shopsystems – and sell this app to multiple different users.

Price for you:

Comission or Company Shares starting at 20%

Price for your user:

Your users will not be charged by us

How our pricing works

To meet your individual needs, prices are based on usage, feature sets, additional services and cost of infrastructure. 

How we make you a quote

As soon as you get in touch with us, a member of the Qilin.Cloud team will reach out and set up a time to discuss your individual needs. Together we’ll discuss which solution might best fit your requirements.


Can I test Qilin.Cloud for free?

Yes! To test the full feature range of the entire Qilin.Cloud Technology Platform, please contact us.

The Trial is not associated with any costs* or other obligations. No credit card information is required to sign up, and after the trial period, the trial ends automatically without any cancellation required on your part.

* we provide you a free budget for cost of infrastrucutre. If the actual costs exceeds this budget, we contact you to find a suitable solution.

Can I directly start using Qilin.Cloud?

Yes, you can immediately start using Qilin.Cloud. During your onboarding, your Success Manager can help you set up your project to get the most out of the platform.

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What type of support do I get with Qilin.Cloud?

Every user has a dedicated Success Manager to provide onboarding, training sessions, and regular support. In the onboarding process, your Success Manager will help you configure your project in the best way for you, help set up the API connection, and assist in creating customized reports. Our dev support experts are also on hand to provide extra support with more technical topics.

Besides that, Qilin.Cloud lives from its community. We invite you to join our Slack Channel or discuss on our developer platform.

How does Qilin.Cloud handle my data?

The security and availability of your data is our top priority.
The protection of your data is guaranteed by security and encryption technology of military standard, which are also used in banks or similar institutions. We operate with multiple redundancies in various high availability data centers and not only adhere to the latest security standards, but regularly exceed them.

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Does Qilin.Cloud offer "Starter"-programs?


If you are creating a new “multi user” application (and using Qilin.Cloud as core, whitelabeled) we offer discounts up to 100% for the first 12 months after your MVP is released. We are also supporting individual applications (made for a single, specific user) with discounts for the user’s baseprice and/or provision for the first 12 months.

Please contact us for more information.

What is the benefit of company shares vs comission?

This program is made for upcoming new talented SaaS companies and a vehicle of our mother company E CORP Holdings. We would like to support you by keeping your financial liquidity high. Instead of paying a comission, you give shares and receive free use of Qilin.Cloud as well as direct access to our developers and our network. We support you in building & growing your company to the best of our ability and are available as a sparring partner for all questions with our more than 10 years of experience.